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How Do I Apply?

Get your plaque today!

What Buildings are Eligible?

  • Must be in Trumbull County
  • Must be 75 years or older
  • Can be either residential or commercial
  • Must be stylistically close to the original structure
  • Must be maintained

Once you fill out the application, each property is required to have a research report before our team scores the buildings to see if it will qualify for a plaque. The applicant can complete that research based on the questions on the application form, or they can choose to apply for a research report through us. That report will cover three segments:

  • Architectural Significance
  • List of Ownership
  • Biographical Sketches of Past Owners

There is a $60 fee if you apply for the research report.

After the research is completed, the property will then go into the queue to be scored by our Historic Sites Committee.

Please note that our scoring process is from the street view only. We do not require inside access to the building.

What Do I Need to Do?

Why Are There Two Different Plaques?

Our Historic Sites Committee scores properties for plaque eligibility based on a standardized point system. The point system determines which of the three categories the building falls into:

Tier 1

Buildings that have maintained a high level historic authenticity. These buildings are eligible for a “Historic Landmark” plaque.

Tier 2

Buildings that have maintained a level of historic authenticity, but have been altered or renovated to detract from the original structure or style. These buildings are eligible for a “Historic Home” or “Historic Building” plaque.


Buildings that are either in severe disrepair or have been significantly altered beyond the original structure or style.