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Submitted by Richard K. Fleischer

How strong is your museum’s website as part of the whole offer? Does it reflect your identity as an organization? Does it appeal to your visitors? What does it really need? Are there trends to pay attention to? Others to ignore? What makes the site appealing? What mistakes can you avoid?If your work involves museum websites these will be questions you’ll have to tackle, whether you’re commissioning a new site or just trying to keep the current one healthy.

Railroad freight car roofs like this one were made by the Chicago Cleveland Car Roof Co. in Warren, Oh. The building on Thomas Road in Warren had changed hands a few times. Being a Packard Electric motor plant until the electric motor business was moved to Delco in Dayton, Oh. in 1961.

It then became Halsey Taylor, and later Packard Electric plant 41 in 1980 until about 2006. From 1980 on, for a few years, this plant made Computer Command Control harnesses for automobiles. After the harness business went to Mexico the plant made cut leads for remote shipment to Mexico to be built into wiring harnesses.

Today, Burke Enterprises has the building.